Saturday, October 20, 2012

Stripes and Plain & Great Saturday.

I never thought that my black stripe top would look good with my orange-like pants. A true fashionista knows how to experiment mix-and- matching colors. Taupe color wedges from Celine. Tops from Giordano. Pants from Soul Lifestyle. Neclace from What-A-Girl-Wants. (All in Abreeza-Ayala Mall, Davao City).
Almost like a Pro doing fish tail braid. It's easy & fun.
I had a chance to meet and greet Mr. Jake Roxas @ Levi's- Abreeza -Ayala Mall. Thanx for the time Mr. Jake Roxas.
Too much sweets is not good but I can't resist it. New quote for today: Peace, Love, Chocolate.

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