Saturday, December 8, 2012


Hello everyone. It's kinda freezing in some parts of the world right now. Yes we all know Christmas is very fast approaching. Some may enjoy the coolness of winter some may not. But for me I would probably grab the chance if someone would treat me for a tour to places where snow is visible. I want to have that experience to be in that place where they would usually wear sweaters, jackets, gloves, scarfs & boots even on a sunny days. If I were given a chance to choose some places where I want to spend my holidays, I would choose NEW YORK or CHICAGO or PARIS (want to see the famous EIFFEL TOWER). :-) Such an ambitious girl like me. Well it doesn't matter we all have dreams & fantasies. Today I had come up with a simple winter look. (or Autumn actually.) Here in the Philippines we can wear what we want to wear (except Baguio I think). Yes we follow some trends but not like other countries who has four seasons (winter, spring, summer or fall/autumn). You probably know what I mean. So, here are some of my pictures. Hope you like it! :-)
Statues are great props.
Thought of the day: Go on and smile, it's free :)
We all have the power to shape our day and our life, so not matter what is happening in our lives we can make the decision to be happy and enjoy every moment...
Well, that's all for today. Thanx for the time. (Credits to my husband for being my photographer of the day.)

Until next time.. xoxo
 I'm wearing: 
 Sweater from SM Dept. Store 
Pants from a Thrift Store 
Wedge from Celine

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